Ole Torp Lassen

Ekstern lektor

Universitetsvej 1

Bygning: 43.2

DK-4000 Roskilde


Forsknings og undervisningsoplysninger


  • (spring 2009) Project-Supervisor, (the international program for basic studies in Natural Sciences at Roskilde University)
  • (spring 2009) Teaching assistant on course DAT-C (IGA), Introduction to Graphics and Animation.



  • PhD project: Biosequence Analysis in PRISM. My PhD project is supervised by Henning Christiansen. It falls within the larger LoSt project and concerns itself with the ongoing conduct and documentation of a series of explorative experiments with stochastic logic models and problems formulated in the PRISM programming language. The PRISM system is basically BProlog extended with probabilistic variables and builtin tools for probabilistic learning and reasoning. In close collaboration with experts from molecular biology and bioinformatics (Ole Skovgaard and Søren Mørk), I plan to contribute to the overall goal of the LoSt project by designing and documenting experiments with the PRISM system and relevant bio informatical problems of discovering, recognizing and predicting structure in biological sequence data.

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