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DK-4000 Roskilde


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  • Industriel udvikling, Udviklingsstudier, Udviklingslande

Forsknings og undervisningsoplysninger

I am currently employed as Head of Department of the Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University. As a researcher I am interested in changes in the global economy and how it affects developing countries (especially in Africa). I have recently finalised a research project on the economic and political consequences (locally as well as globally) of the renewed Chinese interest in Africa. January 1st 2012 I embarked upon a collaborative research programme entitled ‘Successful African Firms and Institutional Change’ comparing firm-internal and firm-external matters in Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania (see Concurrently, I work on the role of natural resources for development and the role of the private sector in development.



General: Global political economy, economic development and development interventions.

Specific: Globalisation, private sector development, development aid, and resource extraction.

Theoretical: Political economy, state-business relations, and institutional economy.

Disciplinary: Development studies.

Geographic: Low income countries, sub-Saharan Africa, Ghana and Zambia.


Current research

  • Chinese engagement and local policy making in Zambia
  • South-South development cooperation
  • Extractive industries, local linkages and development in Africa
  • Successful African Firms and Institutional Change (



Academic background

2006:             PhD, International Development Studies, Roskilde University

1998:             M.Sc. Economic Geography, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen


Employment record

01/2016-: Head of Department, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University

12/2014-12/2015: Head of Department, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University

06/2011-: Associate Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University

02/2009-06/2011: Assistant Professor, Department of Society and Globalisation, Roskilde University       

09/2006-01/2009: External lecturer, Centre for African Studies, University of Copenhagen.

09/2006-12/2006: External lecturer, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen

11/2005-01/2009: Project Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen.

12/2001-03/2005: PhD Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies, Copenhagen & International Development Studies, Roskilde University.

02/2000-06/2000: Teaching assistant, Institute of Geography, University of Copenhagen

03/1999-11/2001: Head of Section, Centre of African Studies, University of Copenhagen.


Professional responsibilities

Chairman of the board of Dignity, 2016-

Board member of Care Danmark, 2015-

Member of EADI Executive Committee, 2014-2017 

Head of International Development Research Group, RUC, 2013-2014

Head of Studies, International Development Studies and Global Studies, RUC, 2011-2013

Member of UNDP Human Development Report 2013 expert panel

Member of OECD’s expert panel for the 2011 African Economic Outlook Report: ‘Africa and its emerging partners’.

Occasional reviewer for the following scientific journals and publishers: African Affairs, Africa Today, Area Development and Policy, Asian Journal of Comparative Politics, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Development and Change, Development Policy Review, European Journal of Development Research, Forum for Development Studies, International Journal of Health Policy, International Journal of Planning and Development, James Currey, Journal of Asian and African Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, Mineral Economics, New Political Economy, Palgrave Macmillan, Review of International Political Economy, The Extractives Industry and Society, Third World Quarterly, World Development, and Zed Books.

External examinar at Geography (University of Copenhagen and Aalborg University) and Centre of African Studies (University of Copenhagen), 2013-. 

External examiner at Political Science (University of Copenhagen, Aarhus University and Southern Danish University), 2013-2017.

Member of the Reference Group for the ’Evaluation of the Business-to-Business Programme 2006-2011’ established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2013-2014)

Member of the Reference Group for the ’Ghana Country Programme Evaluation’ established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2008)

Member of the Reference Group for futher strengthening and developing Danida's Private Sector Development Programme established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2005).


PhD supervision

Johanna Jansson (2010-2016): ‘When Chinese development finance met IMF's public debt norm in DR Congo’

Adam Moe fejerskov (2013-2016): ‘No organization is an island: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's entrance into the field of international development cooperation’

Wisdom Kaleng'a (2013-): 'An investigation of supplier firms’ technological capabilities and performance in a changing Zambian mining sector environment'

Camilla Valeur Nygaard (2017-): 'In search of the developmental enterprise: a study of foreign direct investments in East Africa supported by the Danish DFI Danish Development Fund for Developing Countries' 


Selected publications

2017 'The making of local content policies in Zambia's copper sector: Institutional impediments to resource-led development'. Resources Policy 51:57-66.

2016 'Firm-level Perspectives on State–Business Relations in Africa: The Food-processing Sector in Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia'. Forum for Development Studies:1-23, co-authoored with Goodluck Charles, Paul Kamau, and Søren Jeppesen

2016 'The Confuciius Institute at the University of Zambia: a new direction in the internationalisation of African higher education?' in Adriansen, H. A., Madsen, L. M, and S. Jensen (eds): Higher education and capacity building in Africa: the geography and power of Edudaction, Routledge: Abingdom, pp. 83-104, co-authoored with Godfrey Hampwaye

2016 'The BRICS’ impacts on local economic development in the Global South: the cases of a tourism town and two mining provinces in Zambia' Area Development and Policy, Vol 1(2): 218-237. Co-authored with Padraig Carmody

2016 'Who is in Charge? State Power and Agency in Sino-African Relations' Cornell International Law Review, Vol 49(1): 1-23. Co-authored with Padraig Carmody

2015 'Towards convergence and cooperation in the global development finance regime: Closing Africa's policy space?" in Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 28(2): 246-262

2014 '"Donors go home": Non-traditional state actors and the creation of development space in Zambia' in Third World Quarterly, 35(1): 145-162.

2012Seeking markets and resources: State-driven Chinese and Indian investments in Zambia’ in International Journal for Technology and Globalisation, 6(4): 352-368. Special Issue on Emerging Multinationals – co-authored with Godfrey Hampwaye.

2012The revival of non-traditional state actors’ interests in Africa: Does it matter for policy autonomy?’ in Development Policy Review, 30(6): 703-718

2012 Bringing indigenous ownership back: Chinese investments and contemporary policy making in ZambiaJournal of Modern African Studies,50(3): 447-466.

2011Back to BASICs? The rejuvenation of non-traditional donors’ development cooperation with AfricaDevelopment and Change, 42(2), 585-607.

2009Knocking on a wide open door: Chinese investments in AfricaReview of African Political Economy, 36(122), 479-497. Routledge Editor’s pick, 2010.

2009Part of the Disease or Part of the Cure? Chinese Investments in the Zambian Mining and Construction sectorsEuropean Journal of Development Research, 21(4), 644-661.

2008The Return of Non-DAC Donors to Africa: New Prospects for African Development?Development Policy Review, 26(5), 2008, 555-84. Top ten most cited article. 

2004The Embedded Recipient and the Disembedded Donor: Private-Sector Development Aid in GhanaForum for Development Studies, 31(2), 307-335. profile

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